Our Approach

We strive to maintainĀ our goals of simplicity and adaptability by utilizing a series of stages that we customize depending on the needs of a given project.


A no-charge initial meeting with you is an opportunity for us to learn about your product, it’s history and potential future. As a group we will discuss requirements, possibilities and strategies. The output from this meeting will allow us to generate a project plan and budget.

Our own efforts to get up to speed on the market, competition, regulations and technologies. We also brainstorm innovations, simplifications and new features that may add value to your product.

Creative exploration used to determine and refine direction.

Development and Detail Design
Transforming the concept into a CAD design and specifications optimized for prototyping, testing and production.

Prototype and testing
Verify the design against the requirements.

Changes based on prototype testing.

Our knowledge of production methods and relationships with domestic and off-shore manufacturers allows us to communicate effectively ensuring that products are built to specification .

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